A reading corner in the toilet

A reading corner in the toilet

We all like to read a bit in our toilets, but we don't always know how to properly arrange them. To help you in this task, far from being obvious, we invite you to discover our 10 tips for storing your books in the best possible way, in this small restricted corner, and thus creating the ideal library space. Get your pens!

Small shelves

Allia If your collection is reduced, play the menu of colored shelves fixed to the wall. And for more originality, combine them with decorative objects of your choice.

On the windowsill

Leroy Merlin No need to invest insane amounts to furnish your toilets. If you are lucky enough to have a window in it, you can invest its windowsill and deposit your books there.

Install shelves

Paris Sweet Home Deco The easiest way to create a reading corner in the WC area is to integrate a small library. Place and paint a few shelves in the tone of your choice and voila. Source: Economist

A trompe l'oeil reading corner

Christina Bull Photography To give a more studious spirit, we put on wallpaper. And not just any: an immaculate trompe l'oeil wallpaper that almost makes us smell the smell of old books and adds a touch of the most chic. Library atmosphere guaranteed! But nothing prevents you from also developing the reading corner of your dreams. Source: This happy home

A decorative and practical table

Ryan Ford No need for sophisticated equipment. A coffee table, made of metal or wood for example, can do the trick. It will store your books perfectly and allow you to keep them nearby. Simple but effective ! Source: Rsassoc

Custom storage

Leroy Merlin Storage specially designed for sanitary facilities can be installed to create your reading area. Most of a system previously imagined allows you to integrate any kind of additional decoration, trinkets, gadgets to make it a place as studied as the rest of your interior.

Diverted wooden crates

I heart organizing Wooden boxes diverted in storage for books… this is an DIY idea easy to carry out and inexpensive that we will not hesitate to adopt in our toilets. Source: I heart organizing

A wall book holder

Suprbo With a metal magazine rack hanging on the wall, storing your reading has never been easier. We like the different baskets for efficient space savings in the WC. Source: Suprbo

An ephemeral reading corner

Toronto Interior Design Group Yanic Simard Another good idea: use a stool or a step to put down our books. A way to offer reading in the small corner in an ephemeral way and to be able to change the medium according to your desires. Source: Stagetecture