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When the color orange takes over the walls

When the color orange takes over the walls

After its peak in the 60s marked by the success of pop attitude, it seems that 2012 marks the second hour of glory of the bright orange. Flamboyant, energetic and vitaminized, let's see what the color of the year, the "tangerine tango", an orange variant approaching red, gives on the walls…

With patterns

Elitis ### This wallpaper rose to the challenge of energizing the office wall with flying colors. Its magic ingredients? An orange coating which is expressed behind interposed black patterns and a slight vertical gradient which gradually transforms this shimmering color into a saffron orange. Sophisticated and elegant.


Maisons du Monde ### Destination Africa! In order to underline the ethnic atmosphere of this living room, it is an orange painting which prevailed for the walls! A burning shade reminiscent of the burning sun of African lands, enough to warm the decor and invite you to escape…


Point P ### To keep the paneling in line with the trend of the year, it has been painted, intermittently, orange (one board in three). Clever since the rendering creates a beautiful striped effect vertically which energizes the space and repels the ceiling…


Surface ### The "tango tangerine" chosen by Pantone as the color of the year in 2012 in all its splendor! One thing is certain, fans of pop atmospheres should not be immune to this amazing flamboyant rectangular wall tile. But beware, a section of wall is enough to boost the decor. Too much presence would create the opposite effect, a feeling of "too much".