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10 pretty masonry balusters and cloisters

10 pretty masonry balusters and cloisters

Do you want to bring a touch of originality to your outdoor space or to preserve the privacy of your garden? Make your balcony or terrace a little cocoon just for you by adopting a screen or a baluster. Demonstration in pictures!


Leroy Merlin Solid and rot-proof, the concrete fencing is the most resistant over time, but it is quite limited in terms of patterns.


Unopiu Available in different heights, the wooden partition wall is a perfect support for climbing plants.

Delimit spaces

Castorama To delimit the terrace area from the rest of the garden at a lower cost, several concrete shutters made from white marble aggregates are superimposed. Aesthetic and practical, this solution will allow you to protect your terrace from prying eyes.

A flowery claustra

Jardin Chic Exit the traditional fencing from the East and make way for originality with this fencing in the form of a green wall. Created from openwork planters in white plastic and infinitely nestable, this system will allow you to create intimate corners within the greenery or to separate spaces.


Castorama More fragile, the terracotta claustra brings a touch of authenticity. To give cachet to an outdoor space, we opt without hesitation for a terracotta partition!

Protect your space

Piertec The baluster is an element of decoration and protection which undoubtedly brings character to a building or a green space. Stone, marble, concrete or wood… the choice is yours.

Modern elegance

Leroy Merlin For a terrace or a staircase, the baluster easily finds its place in modern gardens. With its rounded lines and its chic and classic design, the Ibiza white concrete baluster finds pride of place in any outdoor setting.

A reconstructed stone baluster

Castorama Ideal for the construction of railings, the reconstituted stone allows to reproduce the technical performances of the moldings. Solid, aesthetic and of high quality, the Nautile baluster will bring a touch of authenticity to your terrace.

Rustic touch

Comfort carpentry Ideal in a holiday home, in the mountains or by the sea, the wooden baluster will bring a rustic touch to your outdoor space thanks to its natural color and its stylized patterns. How not to succumb?