Schaub Lorenz's 1960s home appliance

Schaub Lorenz's 1960s home appliance

Founded in 1880, the German brand Schaub Lorenz first distinguished itself in the field of radio, before expanding to household appliances in the 1950s. Now a multi-specialist brand, it offers totally modern devices at very competitive prices. A real benchmark in its field, Schaub Lorenz benefits from recognized know-how and great audacity: it proves it once again with its Vintage collection, placed under the sign of retro and color! From the refrigerator to the kettle or the microwave, the kitchen made a great aesthetic leap in the 60s for our greatest pleasure.

Side by Side: the perfect combination for twice the storage!

Schaub Lorenz The Side by Side model consists of a freezer and a refrigerator, which can be used in combination or separately. The freezer has seven drawers that allow you to store as much food as possible. As for the refrigerator, it has six shelves, one of which is dedicated to drinks, and a vegetable drawer. We love the retro look of these two devices perfect for large families! The Side by Side is available at the recommended retail price of € 1,100

Clockwork Orange

Schaub Lorenz Favorite for this resolutely sixties kettle, which has a capacity of 1.7 liters. In addition to its pretty retro curves, it has the advantage of turning off automatically when the water boils, and has an anti-limescale filter to avoid recurring deposits in this type of device.

Red string

Schaub Lorenz The passion red hue is undoubtedly the flagship color of the Vintage range, and we delve back into the period of the glorious thirties during which household appliances, and color in general, really took off. Red comes here to brighten up the decoration and warm up a slightly too sober interior.

Shock mixer!

Schaub Lorenz Schaub Lorenz shows us again that the simplest forms are often the most effective. This mixer inspired by those of our grandmothers is enhanced by a beautiful orange color, which comes to twist with delight our culinary preparations!

Arty dishwasher

Schaub Lorenz With its elegant design, the Vintage dishwasher fits perfectly into cramped interiors thanks to its removable top. Easy to use, it includes a discreetly integrated LED screen placed on the front of the device. Designed with six different washing programs, this dishwasher - with a capacity of twelve place settings - adapts to all possible uses. Its ultra-practical half-load function makes it possible to clean even small kitchen utensils to avoid washing them by hand. The SL 12 dishwasher is available at the recommended retail price of € 499

A personalized kitchen

Schaub Lorenz Often fitted out in the same tones (white, stainless steel, etc.), kitchens will finally know their heyday thanks to "Vintage" household appliances. In addition to the many colors available, the finish is also available in two versions, mat and gloss. The most creative can thus adopt a total color block look by mixing the colors and finishes, while it will suffice for fans of the whole to select the devices in the tone of their choice.

Retro microwave

Schaub Lorenz This first microwave model, which will soon be followed by its duo in March 2015, combines sophisticated looks and well thought out options. With its digital screen, its five power levels and its 800W grill function, it has everything to please!

A robot for foodies

Schaub Lorenz Exit sad and unsightly household appliances, make way for design on the worktop! This multi-function robot signed Schaub Lorenz largely deserves to be exhibited in the kitchen as its design is successful. Its basic options can be extended with the addition of numerous accessories, which will make it essential in everyday life.

Mini fridge

Schaub Lorenz Schaub Lorenz had a great initiative by launching this small refrigerator, ideal for single people or in addition to the family refrigerator. Available in three formats, 132, 114 or 97 liters, it fits easily under the worktop or in the smallest corner of a cramped kitchen!