10 colorful interiors for inspiration

10 colorful interiors for inspiration

In 2014, only one rule: dare the colors in your interior to put a good mood in all rooms. To help you find your style, here are 10 interiors that were not afraid to bring in bright colors. To discover in pictures.

A strong color on the wall

To make this room vibrate, it's a strong color that settles on a section of wall. To accentuate the effect, a backlight does not fail to highlight the wall as do the cushions which come to make a colorful wink.

Multiplied colors

Here, we play with the multiplication of colors. The wall is dressed in a dark color and the rest of the room takes off the decor with a bedspread that multiplies the shades, cushions and a lamp that do not lack colors.

Armchairs to warm up the atmosphere

In this living room, make way for color thanks to the armchairs that dare orange for a friendly and sunny atmosphere. A little reminder with a carpet and a table and the decor is set.

Walls that dare colors

In this patio, make room for color with walls that don't hesitate to mix bright colors! Yellow and orange then give the whole house a good mood.

Color retro version

In this interior, we put on a retro decor! And that does not mean that the color is missing. On the contrary, it settles on vintage wallpaper and cushions that transform the look of the sofa.

Bold cuisine

Why settle for just one color when you can have fun with a real patchwork? So in this kitchen, each cupboard displays a different color for a set of character.

Originality with color

For an interior that takes off, we adopt a very bright color like this tangy green that we install in an atypical space like the stairs. The result is original and enhances the color!

A shades of colors

In this room, we dared to blue! But rather than opting for a single shade, we opted for a monochrome that gives relief to the whole room.

Colored furniture

Finally, to bring in color with ease, we adopt a small colorful piece of furniture like these armchairs that dare purple. More pictures here!