The orange color brightens up the decor!

The orange color brightens up the decor!

The sun is finally among us so why not celebrate it in our decor? We put on a bright and shimmering color like the sun by choosing orange to decorate all the rooms of the house. Manual !

Orange color block

Leroy Merlin This summer again, the trend is for bright colors that we associate together: it's called the color block effect. And in the decor, you can create this style by combining the color orange with a fuschia pink for a very dynamic whole!

Orange details

Leroy Merlin The orange color is so strong that it is not always necessary to paint the entire room to give style to the whole. For example, you can paint doors and woodwork and bet on furniture and curtains.

Earth orange

Tollens If you are looking for a less vivid color, prefer a more extinct and slightly earthy orange. You will then associate it with red to create a harmony of warm colors for a very decorative effect.

Orange and material

Dulux Valentine To accentuate the very warm effect of the orange color of a wall for example, do not hesitate to bet on textured materials such as a beautiful parquet floor, a velvety sofa or even wooden furniture of character.

Retro orange

Farrow and Ball If you like the retro style, know that orange also adapts to this kind of atmosphere. You will then choose a matte and dark color which you will marry with a mustard yellow to create an explosive decor.

Orange pop

Fly Are you more pop? Install some orange furniture and chairs in your kitchen in a very shiny material to give the whole room a boost in a jiffy.

Ethnic orange

Purpose For an ethnic decor, favor accessories. You will choose for example very warm orange bed linen to contrast with very dark wooden furniture.

Orange design

Schmidt For a more design atmosphere, the orange color will be combined with furniture with clean lines and will be integrated into a black and white decor in order to energize the whole.

Orange for everyone

Aim Finally, be aware that the color orange finds its place in many styles and different spaces. We can even use it to create a very modern and dynamic studio.