10 old roses that will make you succumb

10 old roses that will make you succumb

They are surely the most romantic of all the varieties of roses. And yet, which rose is not? With mostly double or very double flowers with a deep scent, old roses can be considered as the archetype of the rose. A strict categorization would like that those that we nickname thus are varieties dating from before 1867, year of obtaining the first modern rose. In fact, pre-war varieties, those that our grandparents lovingly cultivated in their gardens, are commonly called old roses. Discover with us 10 varieties among the 300 that make up the very beautiful Roseraie de Cluny (71).

President Willermoz

J-F. Mahé This rose is a hybrid going back to 1867 obtained by Ducher. The flower of a fuchsia pink has gathered petals, with irregular edges.

Damascena Semperflorens

J-F. Mahé This rose also called "4 seasons rose" is dated before 1633. Its capacity to bloom again during the season explains why it is one of the types from which many old roses come. It produces very double pink flowers.

Queen Victoria

J-F. Mahé This Bourbon type rose was obtained in 1872 by the French rose grower Schwartz. The cup-shaped candy pink flowers are particularly fragrant. Flowering takes place from June to autumn.

Nymph leg

J-F. Mahé It is its meaty pink color that this 15th century rose owes its surprising name. When the flower blossoms, it is to offer softness, mellowness and fragrance. Note the elegance of the foliage with a beautiful gray-blue hue.

Rescht Rose

J-F. Mahé This rose with very double flowers of a beautiful fuchsia pink has its origin in Iran. It is dated before 1880. It stands out by its resistance to any test and, interesting for gourmands, by particularly sweet petals which can be used for the manufacture of jellies and syrups.

Louise Odier

J-F. Mahé This Bourbon rose from 1851 is a particularly vigorous bushy variety. It flowers continuously from July to October and bears full, cup-shaped flowers with a very intense fragrance.


J-F. Mahé This hybrid dating back to 1849 was obtained by the French rose grower Jean-Pierre Vibert. Its fleshy buttons announce the very double flower of a pink, delicately pulling towards mauve.

Alphonse Soupert

J-F. Mahé This hybrid going back up is an obtaining of the French F. Lacharme in 1883. This old rose is marked by double flowers of a strong pink, often solitary. Their scent is light.

Jacques Amyot

J-F. Mahé Obtained in 1887 by Varangot, this very floriferous rising rose is distinguished by its large, tender, particularly fragrant double pink flowers.